Closeness can happen even at a distance.

We have the good fortune of working with many health care organizations. Their work is often invisible, complex, and a unique challenge to communicate. It happens under the radar, yet it impacts our lives in more ways than we may ever know. That’s especially true of public health, a field with astonishing scope and excellence in our area. We’re reminded of that today.

This is a time of great uncertainty. But here’s one more thing we do know: now is the moment to express gratitude. Gratitude is a function of health and well-being. The act of expressing thanks adds invaluable benefit to our communities, our families, ourselves, and most importantly, the people who need to hear it most.

As we face this together, thank you to everyone who works in health care. Whether on the front lines or behind-the-scenes, you’re taking on an enormous feat without pause—and for that, we are grateful.

Let’s not forget the importance of staying connected to other people. Though we may be physically apart from each other in coming weeks, we are still connected.

Care for every aspect of your health. Share love across divides. Reach out digitally. Embrace technology as a tool to keep us together. Be kind. Say thank you.

Closeness can happen even at a distance.

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