Twin Spirits Distillery


Craft distillers began bubbling up in the Twin Cities following new laws in the state that provided for craft distilleries to have cocktail rooms. It was a game-changer.

Twin Spirits was one of the originals and the first all woman-owned distillery in the state. To help take their place in the craft distillery world, Twin Spirits needed a brand that made them stand out from the other new distilleries. Our challenge was to create a brand that could stay true to its founder and also own its place in the market.

The cocktail room has a view to the distillery.


We knew from the outset that the brand was going to genuinely reflect the spirit of the founder, the incredible Michelle Winchester.  She had a vision for the brand that was a driving force and an idea that customers would come to know and love. The goal was to make a splash in the market while allowing a spiritual notion to have a seat at the table. We chose an approach that could be translated not only into a brand identity, but the all-important packaging that would be how the brand lived on shelves.  

Our goal was to make the founder’s vision a reality.


Our exploration led us to horn imagery and a logotype approach that evokes lighthearted joy, into which we worked handmade character and natural elements that reflect the authentic craft-made distilling that’s done at Twin Spirits. We created a storied system around it that feels friendly yet mysterious and nature-rich, adding depth and vibrancy with symbols that blend the “twin” vision with a mirrored illusion.


We also created packaging—labels and bottle sourcing—to reinforce the warm and natural narrative. We infused the design with vibrant colors that reflect the different distilled products and hand-drawn flourishes. The line of spirits is easy to spot in the stores, and flexible for updating their ever-growing line of spirits.